Sparta Fitness And Martial Arts 

         14915 N. Nebraska Ave. Tampa FL.  33613

                                 (813) 971-9348


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                                                                   Chef    Phoo

Hello from Kombo Kitchen.

 We are here simply to serve you the freshest foods prepared as tasty as we can make them. We love to serve our customers when they eat at Kombo Kitchen. Order your food, grab a seat and we will come find you. We also do our best to prepare, orders to go, as well. Give us a call to place your order and we will do our best to get it all together before your arrival. All of us at Kombo Kitchen are so happy to have the best customers in the world and grateful for our blessings.
                        We rate our customers,with 5 GOLDEN STARS!!       
                                          Thank You All, So Much  


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  • Randy And Michelle (Saturday, November 15 14 07:33 pm EST)

    So everyone has told you how good the food is, let me cover what a tue business does to hve you coming back for thier eats and really care what your impression is of them and thier establishment . So the wife really likes to surf the Platos Closets for the best deals in high heels so we have passed by this food trailer many times but out off stopping as we really are selective about our Thai food but this day we decided to give it a try. A beautiful sun shiny day in the 70\'s makes for a perfect setting for thier outside seating. It made for a perfect atmosphere . During our menu perusing, we are greeting with wide smiles and lots of tips on what is good to eat . I choose to try the much touted crab fried rice and decide to add some shrimp to the mix. My beautiful wife selects the Panang chicken curry with a lil spicy kick. We start off the festivities with some steamed potstickers and what tastes to me like a house brewed soy sauce. As a veteran USMC ooh rah! I am complimented with FREE THAI TEA!! It\'s the best of course, isn\'t everything that\'s free? So the potstickers are delivered to our table ( table service from a food truck? WOW ) fantastic appetizer full of great flavor and textures. Next the main course. The Panang curry and crab fried rice are delivered with great aromatics and piping hot! Spicy but not too spicy. But wait.....it looks
    Like someone may have forgotten to add my crab. Do I day something? Do I let it go? No out proprietor cares enough to notice his customer looks perplexed and instead of ignoring it or waiting for me to initiate the issue, he quickly starts to fire off questions to find out what he can do to find out why I may not be 110% satisfied with his offerings . Now ThAT is a business that cares about its customers. That\'s the defining moment that a customer just try\'s a recommended restaurant or becomes a loyal returning diner. Within five minutes I had a fresh crab and shrimp filled plate delivered personally by the chef who prepared it vehemently apologizing for the first round he prepared. These are full servings too folks, no tiny overpriced food here. We were checked on and numerous drink refills during our visit and we couldn\'t hVe been anymore pleased with our dining experience . Thank you Kombo Kitchen for an excellent dining experience and giving such great guest service. We WILL be back. Did I mention like everyone else that the food is amazing? Wish I knew how they got that great smokey flavor in thier fried rice. Just awesome!